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  • Switchgear manufacturers - see more on ZPUE website

    A complete range of energy distribution solutions and accessories designed by experienced company. ZPUE is one of the leading switchgear manufacturers, offering low and medium voltage switchboards, container transformer stations as well as overhead lines stations. They are used by transport, mining, building and other industries.
    Air insulated switchgear

  • Filter tubes, different tobacco varieties etc. - Golden Filter

    If you are looking for reliable company, specializing in manufacturing of cigarette tubes, filters, rolling papers and other accessories, visit the website of Golden Filter group. Hawana Tabacco and Del-Vis companies provide quality products and accessories of such kind, while TabPol is recognized for their varieties of tobacco.
    Cigarette tubes

  • Construction equipment - bulldozers, dozers and more from Dressta

    Highly reliable heavy equipment designed by professionals. Visit Dressta’s website and check their full range of construction machinery. From small bulldozers and wheel loaders to the largest and the most powerful crawler dozers - their offer has it all. Additionally you can find there efficient pipelayers.
    Construction machinery

  • Wireless CAMSAT Closed-circuit television systems

    Reliable, modern transmitters and receivers, designed, developed and manufactured by our company, are a perfect solution for the most demanding wireless CCTV security camera system. CAMSAT offers devices, which work on various distances and always guarantee transmission of quality image. See the full range of equipment.
    Security camera system

  • Heal your varicose veins

    Laser technology has proven over the years to be one of the most effective and safe methods in aesthetic medicine. Top-Medics private clinics employ its potential in modern laser treatment for varicose veins - EVLT. Visit the website to find out more about the procedure and make an appointment at one of our medical facilities.
    Laser treatment for varicose veins

  • Stylish, fashionable on every occasion

    Our goal is not to design another collection for winter, autumn or summer. We strive to create unique style: recognizable and yet inimitable in every detail. Our fashion clothes for ladies are based on brave ideas, fairy-tale like combinations and quality: of each and every sew and materials. Pick your blouse or skirt!
    Fashion clothes for ladies

  • Air-conditioning systems

    We produce efficient heat recovery units and swirl diffusers. We sell durable spiral ducting and fittings, which will create a complete ventilation system suitable for private apartments and offices. In our online store you can also find innovative heat recovery units with a remote control - introduce the new quality of renewable energy into your premises!
    Ventilation system

  • Sightseeing in Małopolska

    There are many beautiful places in Poland. If you want to have an opportunity to see them, you should check out our offer. For example, we organize amazing Cracow local tours. All of them start and finish in the city and can be organized for groups of 20, 30 or even 50 people. Price for one person depends on the group size.
    Cracow Local Tours

  • Compact and environment-friendly

    Our offer includes products responsible for removing pollution and other kinds of unwanted particles from fluid, which otherwise could result in stopping or limiting its flow. Each strainer is made of stainless steel, nodular and grey cast iron - it perfectly copes with moisture and mechanical damage.

  • Providing service of fixing components

    Apart from transmission gear manufacturing we are experts in effective powertrains repairs. We can also professionally fix steering and final drives, and gear boxes for wheel loaders. Our highly experienced group of engineers use proffessional test equipment to thoroughly check many various types of units.
    Powertrains repairs

  • Focus on your business instead of repairs

    Your store chain should be in a perfect technical condition all the time to keep your clients satisfied and make them want to come back. We are here to take care of reactive maintenance in retail across the whole Europe. We do both planned visits and emergency services in case any repairs are necessary and moreover, we will take care of the required documentation.
    Reactive maintenance in retail

  • TV cabinets - stylish furniture from MEX online store

    For modern interiors there is no better solution than the choice prepared by MEX Furniture online store. You can find there perfect elements for, for instance, bedroom, bathroom or living room. Check the prices of high gloss TV unit and choose its functionality, solidity and elegance. All of the details are on the website.
    High gloss tv unit

  • Production line equipment

    Our offer includes latest technological solutions in the scope of production and packaging. We provide a state-of-the-art bottle filling machine that can be integrated into a larger manufacturing infrastructure. The device also runs in fully automatic mode, alongside other packaging equipment, as a part of a production line.
    Bottle filling machine

  • Put a barrier on your property

    During these trying times it is crucial to protect yourself and your family. With a plastic chain link fence you will be able to do just that. Coming with a fully galvanized core and a PVC coating, this will cover your property from any ill-willed man and let others know, that this piece of land is yours.
    Plastic chain link fence

  • Study at the top private university

    Are you passionate about International Relations, Sociology or Journalism and new media? Join Collegium Civitas, the leading private university in Poland run by the most excellent academics and other staff members including among others former ambassadors. Study groups are small in order to maintain the highest educational quality possible. This way every student may be well assessed by the lecturer.
    Collegium Civitas

  • Our law firm is one of the best, the most appreciated companies providing professional legal services for various entrepreneurs, as well as public institutions. The company is characterized by deep understanding of each country’s culture and guarantees the highest quality of services. Contact us in one of our offices in Poland.
    Legal services Poland

  • Natural treats and beauty products

    Would like to make your own, classic, Middle Eastern halvah? If so, you first need to prepare some soapwort extract (also known as bouncing bet or wild sweet William). In order to do it, you need boil 30g of powdered root and let it steep for a whole day, then boil again and make a syrup out of it. The plant may also be used to make natural shampoos without unnecessary additives.
    Soapwort extract

  • Furniture lighting

    We provide our custumers with proffesional lighting systems and instalations. Corner LED profile is one of our most popular products. It is used as a port of furniture lighting and makes it possible to hide cables whithin itself. We other plethora of models: you can choose different sizes and colours. Depending on a model, they shine at an angle of 30deg or 60deg.
    corner led profile

  • Foam kits

    Our company is responsible for designing and producing balsa and foam kits. They are later used for the blades. Since blades differ from one another, our kits are tailored specifically for your needs. We are proud to announce that after years of preparations we now produce vertical-axis wind turbines.
    Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines