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  • Wireless CAMSAT Closed-circuit television systems

    Reliable, modern transmitters and receivers, designed, developed and manufactured by our company, are a perfect solution for the most demanding wireless CCTV security camera system. CAMSAT offers devices, which work on various distances and always guarantee transmission of quality image. See the full range of equipment.
    Security camera system

  • Stylish, fashionable on every occasion

    Our goal is not to design another collection for winter, autumn or summer. We strive to create unique style: recognizable and yet inimitable in every detail. Our fashion clothes for ladies are based on brave ideas, fairy-tale like combinations and quality: of each and every sew and materials. Pick your blouse or skirt!
    Fashion clothes for ladies

  • Air-conditioning systems

    We produce efficient heat recovery units and swirl diffusers. We sell durable spiral ducting and fittings, which will create a complete ventilation system suitable for private apartments and offices. In our online store you can also find innovative heat recovery units with a remote control - introduce the new quality of renewable energy into your premises!
    Ventilation system

  • Sightseeing in Małopolska

    There are many beautiful places in Poland. If you want to have an opportunity to see them, you should check out our offer. For example, we organize amazing Cracow local tours. All of them start and finish in the city and can be organized for groups of 20, 30 or even 50 people. Price for one person depends on the group size.
    Cracow Local Tours

  • Compact and environment-friendly

    Our offer includes products responsible for removing pollution and other kinds of unwanted particles from fluid, which otherwise could result in stopping or limiting its flow. Each strainer is made of stainless steel, nodular and grey cast iron - it perfectly copes with moisture and mechanical damage.

  • Providing service of fixing components

    Apart from transmission gear manufacturing we are experts in effective powertrains repairs. We can also professionally fix steering and final drives, and gear boxes for wheel loaders. Our highly experienced group of engineers use proffessional test equipment to thoroughly check many various types of units.
    Powertrains repairs

  • Legal services Poland

    Our law firm is one of the best, the most appreciated companies providing professional legal services for various entrepreneurs, as well as public institutions. The company is characterized by deep understanding of each country’s culture and guarantees the highest quality of services. Contact us in one of our offices in Poland.
    Legal services Poland

  • Furniture lighting

    We provide our custumers with proffesional lighting systems and instalations. Corner LED profile is one of our most popular products. It is used as a port of furniture lighting and makes it possible to hide cables whithin itself. We other plethora of models: you can choose different sizes and colours. Depending on a model, they shine at an angle of 30deg or 60deg.
    corner led profile

  • Cars interior

    For every employee of Carlex company, car interior design is connected with the ultimate passion. Every new challenge is tackled with the greatest involvement, precision and care for the outcome. Carlex experts are here to make your car interior design luxurious and original - contact us even today!
    Car interior

  • Ill animals

    When your animal is ill, it is not able to verbally pass the information about the experienced ailments. For this reason, tools for the diagnosis of animal diseases are indispensable. In this category you will find products enabling veterinary testing for various fields of medicine: clinical chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, parasitology.
    Veterinary testing

  • Watercraft design

    We make custom aluminium watercraft, tailored to your specific needs! Our boat design office will navigate you through the whole process - from the initial concept, to final execution. We use advanced software that allows for complex 3D visualisation - that way you're able to actively participate in the process, making sure the effects match your expectations.
    boat design office

  • Obróbka CNC

    Nasza firma to zespół specjalistów, którzy na zamówienie klienta wykonają wszelkiego rodzaju elementy konstrukcji stalowych. Dzięki wieloletniemu doświadczeniu oraz fachowej wiedzy, zrealizujemy każde, nawet najbardziej skomplikowane zlecenie, wymagające obróbki skrawaniem CNC lub cięcia plazmowo-gazowego.
    elementy konstrukcji stalowych

  • Hair removal treatment

    Smooth skin, no cuts or irritation, and - above all - no shaving for many months to come. If you're looking for a non-invasive treatment and long-lasting effects, get yourself acquainted with our laser hair removal. Cost and progress of the treatment are detailed on our website - contact us in case of any further questions.
    Laser hair removal cost

  • Hearing protection

    On our website you will find complete audio systems and all the necessary accessories. This category includes MRI ear muffs and plugs, both disposable and reusable. All of them provide a high level of noise suppression, which will ensure that each medical examination is carried out in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.
    MRI ear muffs

  • Crotchless suit

    If you have never tried those, it is definitely time for something new! Sexy bodystockings will awaken your senses and help you feel much more confident in bed. A crotchless suit will also elongate your legs! We have them in all sizes - tell us what you need and we will be happy to help you choose the best product for you.

  • Cutting devices

    Our offer includes various types of machines and tools designed for the printing industry. You’ll find here folder-gluers, applicators, inspection machines, automatic die cutting machines and other accessories. We also produce devices used for stamping Braille’s alphabet. Our office is based in Poland, Bydgoszcz.

  • An original tunic

    Are you looking for an original costume for yourself or a close friend? Medieval tunics are the best presents for history and fashion lovers! These clothes are available in various sizes and variants. They are made by hand, using the highest quality linen fabric in natural colours. Choose the one that suits you best!
    Medieval tunics

  • Salonlines

    Great design combined with quality materials and modern production process always gives fantastic results. Such is the belief of Salonlines company, offering amazing salon reception desks which gained appraisal of a wide range of customers. Visit the website to see for yourself the propositions created by the company experts.
    Reception desks for salons

  • Wooden trays from Italy

    Are you looking for some richly decorated platters to add to your collection of serveware? Search no more – a handmade and painted florentine tray for a coffee table is the perfect addition to your set. We’ve gathered a great selection of serving plates which are available in a variety of designs to match every style and budget.
    Florentine tray

  • Airflight logistics

    Speed of delivery, quality of service, comfort, safety and a smile on your face can go hand in hand. We are committed to ensuring that our air cargo services are of a high standard - no matter what is on or below deck. So, if you're looking for a responsible carrier who is happy to meet all your expectations, we invite you to contact us,
    Air freight cargo