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  • To get expert and comprehensive help in the area of professional bookkeeping, accounting in Poland, contact RSM advisory company. Their team has vast experience and extensive knowledge of Polish regulations, norms and standards, which guarantees their services will fulfill your need and expectations.
    Accounting in Poland

  • Reman-Tec - expert in turbochargers

    More than a decade of experience and constant care about the quality of distributed automotive parts and provided services has made Reman-Tec company one of the most reliable experts in the industry. each turbocharger repair they conduct is made with the use of the best quality replacement parts and the turbo is thoroughly tested before returned to the customer.
    Turbocharger repair

  • Switchgear manufacturers - see more on ZPUE website

    A complete range of energy distribution solutions and accessories designed by experienced company. ZPUE is one of the leading switchgear manufacturers, offering low and medium voltage switchboards, container transformer stations as well as overhead lines stations. They are used by transport, mining, building and other industries.
    Air insulated switchgear

  • Screens for industrial application - Progress Eco

    Quality, reliable, highly durable and effective solutions used to separate liquids and solid particles, dehydrate and filter. Amongst wedge wire screen manufacturers Progress Eco is exceptional in terms of diversity of the offer and quality of each product. See possible applications and all of the cylinder, tubes and other solutions available.
    Wedge wire screen manufacturers

  • How to select the right part for your car?

    The website created by Steinhof does not simply present the created offer of various parts for your car. You will find there as well useful information on how to choose a proper, high quality towbar for your vehicle and how to take care of it. All of the necessary details can be found there - see for yourself.

  • See FROGUT's polythene bags

    When your store is in need of quality, inexpensive thermobags or other shopping products, visit FROGUT’s website and check their offer. Belonging to one of the most experienced plastic bag manufacturers, the company can provide you with the exact solutions you are looking for. They can also be printed on!
    Plastic bag manufacturers

  • Filter tubes, different tobacco varieties etc. - Golden Filter

    If you are looking for reliable company, specializing in manufacturing of cigarette tubes, filters, rolling papers and other accessories, visit the website of Golden Filter group. Hawana Tabacco and Del-Vis companies provide quality products and accessories of such kind, while TabPol is recognized for their varieties of tobacco.
    Cigarette tubes

  • Construction equipment - bulldozers, dozers and more from Dressta

    Highly reliable heavy equipment designed by professionals. Visit Dressta’s website and check their full range of construction machinery. From small bulldozers and wheel loaders to the largest and the most powerful crawler dozers - their offer has it all. Additionally you can find there efficient pipelayers.
    Construction machinery

  • Lamp shades from the best - Art-Abazur

    Trust the experience of one of the best manufacturers on the market, specialising in custom lamp shades. Art-Abazur from Poland hires one of the best designers and interior architects and designers to provide you with the most unique, amazing and eye-catching projects. They use special decorative tapes, trims and other solutions to let you decorate any space with light the exact way you want. What is more, you can send your own project, choose from ready ideas or describe to the company your vision to get the product you need.
    Custom lamp shades

  • Check quality of Magura brake pads

    The offer of our online shop includes a wide range of bicycle parts and accessories from leading, known worldwide, manufacturers. Choose Magura brake pads, Ashima rotors, or Shimano solutions to equip your bike comprehensively and save money, thanks to MC Sport’s attractive prices. Find out more on the website!
    Magura brake pads

  • Magnusson - your help with law

    Excellence and professional legal help in the Baltic Sea Region. Magnusson is a well-known, respected law firm, present in Poland for many years and offering their help to entrepreneurs having trouble with keeping up with all of the latest changes in the local regulations. Choose the company’s help and thrive!
    Law firm Poland

  • RADWAG's laboratory balances

    For the most precise, reliable and repeatable measurements choose the best quality measuring equipment. RADWAG offers professional, advanced and standard laboratory microbalances. You can choose from a wide range of scales, including ultra-microbalances and microbalances, analytical, precision models along with moisture analyzers.

  • Our gambeson

    Gambeson, a kind of soft armor was used by medieval warriors. If you are interested in the Middle Ages and belong to the brotherhood of knights, take advantage of our offer. We have high quality gambesons, clothing, utilities, furniture and tents. Welcome to the Medieval Market. Please come to us or visit our website www.

  • the best fencing shop!

    If you train Innn fencing or combat sport, that’s for sure you’d be interested Fencing gear. In our unique website, you will find a lot of information regarding fencing, and make purchases in our online store. If you are interested in a professional fencing training equipment, you go to and make purchases!
    Fencing gear

  • STOL twin turboprop aircraft

    M28 is a versatile, compact, yet extremely powerful machine to be used by civil and military aviation. This short takeoff and landing (STOL) plane's design allows it to be used in very harsh conditions, including extremely low temperatures. Skytruck can also be easily adjusted to cargo, VIP and other needs.
    Short takeoff and landing

  • Chocolate shavings and other decorations

    Every confectionery master requires a wide range of details, decorations to complete his creative projects. Barbara Luijckx offers them all they need in this respects. Dark, white, milk and other chocolate curls and shavings are exactly what you need. Simple, available online and in virtually any amount, will allow you to quickly create any, even the most extravagant dessert or cake. The company website, apart from other sweet decorations, includes as well advice, recipes and ideas! Check it out now!
    Chocolate curls manufacturer

  • read more

    In Dentim Europe - modern, professional clinic in Poland - we specialize, amongst other things, in dental implants, which are beautiful, durable and help you regain your beautiful smile. Visit our web page (click the link bellow) and find out more about great conditions and details that our clinic has prepared for you.
    Dental implants Poland

  • Fibrous plaster mouldings and cornices

    Looking for a unique way to decorate your interiors? Wondering where to buy cornice, which will be the exact shape and size you need? Visit the website to find ready-made versions as well as custom fibrous plaster mouldings, designed according to your individual project. Invest in quality craftsmanship and make your space stand out.
    Where to buy cornice

  • Wholesale pantyhose - Fiore

    Available in a wide variety of interesting designs, the hosiery from Fiore have gained trust and appreciation of a number of companies (and their customers) around Europe. Wholesale tights are available in versions designed for the needs of every woman. See new collections, pick the products you like the most and start a cooperation.
    Tights wholesale

  • Solutions to practice oral cavity

    For everyone, young and old, struggling with various speech disorders and issues, PJ Therapeutic’s online store has prepared a wide choice of solutions. Visit the website to find quality and effective oral motor tools manufactured be leading brands in the industry. The offer consists of straws, Z-Vibe kits and other products.
    Oral motor tools

  • Electric killers of insects

    One of the most annoying issues in running a shop or restaurant are bugs. Our company has prepared a wide selection of electric killers to help you solve that problem. Each insect trap offers different options for your facility. They are available with special adhesives to catch the bugs as well as in the most effective models, which exterminate bugs and mosquitoes instantly.
    Insect trap

  • Wireless CAMSAT Closed-circuit television systems

    Reliable, modern transmitters and receivers, designed, developed and manufactured by our company, are a perfect solution for the most demanding wireless CCTV security camera system. CAMSAT offers devices, which work on various distances and always guarantee transmission of quality image. See the full range of equipment.
    Security camera system

  • Mex Furniture - solutions for your bathroom

    Choose items for your whole house and design it in the most sophisticated, luxurious style of all. Visit Mex online shop and pick high gloss bathroom furniture, which will provide you with practicality and elegance. They are manufactured from MDF and laminated chipboard which ensures their durability as well.

  • Tax advisers

    Assistance of a professional trained in the area of legal and financial regulations is required in many diverse situations of life. It is especially recommended when income tax in Poland for expats is considered, as the matter is governed by different regulations, which interpretation might be erroneous.
    Income tax in poland for expats